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NASILELE S. SAKALA from Tanzania message


Hi, i have previously bought cars from japan and i would advice anyone wanting to get a car to view japanese used vehicle because of the following

  1. They have genuine mileage
  2. The customer car is good
  3. During process of buying upto delivery there is constant communication between buyer and sellers which makes you feel comfotable to order from Japan
  4. Though I have not ordered any vehicle from car japan i still feel i can get a good car with a genuine mileage just from the looks of the pictures of the cars they are advertising on their display.
    Having considered the above points why i prefer buying japanese cars to local vehicles, I feel I should be picked as a winner because I have a passion for japanese used cars especially when you import a car which has undergoone jevic inspection you are assured of 100% guarantee that you will get a fully serviced car which will not give you problems for a long time. Also why I should be picked as a winner is because Japanese used car has introduced buying spare parts on the net hence reducing the fear of buying any make from Japan, also I have confidence in Japanese used car sellers because they are trust worthy once you send money its obvious that what you are paying for is what you requested and also what I like about them is that when you order a vehicle and you happen to send your money late you are informed and mostly given an option of choosing another vehicle or may be they would your money until they source a vehicle of your choice. Having dealt with Koden international of tradecarview, tomei of trade car and also beforward I fell I should be picked as a winner of this contest because I have been a regular customer of Japanese uses cars, I also feel I need a gift from Japan as a way of appreciating me for being a regular customer. The other point why I feel I need to be picked as a winner is the way I have encouraged my friends and workmates to buy cars from Japanese used car because I know the process of buying the initial point of sending money upto the time my car would arrive at my door step and if possible I even help them to choose a vehicle and assure them to say what they have paid for is what they are going to receive and I have earned myself a good relationship with them as they rely on me whenever they want to buy a vehicle from Japan. The other point why you should pick me is that being a Zambia with our hard economy at least we raise our hard earned income to support japanese used cars hence we need to be acknowledged. Lastly but not the least I feel I should be picked because If am picked I will be able to talk highly of you people and recommend you further for your good gesture.

Coming to what I think about car from Japan is that since we did not know about them and they have brought this promotions it simply means they want to market themselves and if we compete, we will be able to tell others about it especially that they have introduced a link which everybody would want to use so by doing that not only are they marketing but they are also inviting a lot of ccustomers to come on board and be part and parcel of the competition. Looking at the sight for the fist time I saw that your cars are good looking especiallythat there is even a way of negotiating so that a price can be reduced, this makes it even more interesting because we are living in an economy crunch which is world wide and when you allow for negotiations everyone will feel encouraged and be able to buy from you, I also like your customer care where despite the distances you are able to communicate with your customers and be able to negotiate with them further. Car from Japan if it continues to have a good customer care will be able to compete with big companies like be forward, more so that they are able to discount on a big margin. The fist time I sent a message to car from Japan inquiring on a vehicle I was able to get a response right there and then this showed to me that am able to get rapid response from them without delay which would even make buying a car from them more comfortable as I would be assured of contacting me time and again until my car arrives. I like opening new avenues and this time I feel having bought vehicles from other sites I should now buy from you because of the above reasons I have given. Your cars look smart that even makes it a plus on you and knowing that whenn a person buys a vehicle he/she would want to buy a vehicle which is presentable to people, and having looked at the cars from car from Japan one can tell that when you buy a car from them you are assured of a good looking car which will make you proud to drive. WIth the stifff coompetition that japanese used cars are facing the company that will please and embrace people is the one that is going to have a lot customers and with the competition that you have introduced everyone is interested to participate and be rest assured that soon your business is going to boom and you will have alot of customers especially from Zambia as you have noted to say we are Japanese used car sellers customers because we do not have a plant that manufactures vehicles for us and we depend on you to supply as with vehicles that have become every household most necessisity.

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