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MVUGHA RAJABU MRAMBA from Tanzania message


. Japan is the country found in Asian continent. It is among of the country which developed more in science and technology. This takes place more after the second world War two ended in 1945.
Japan innovate much in transportation. Thus why in 1769 tried to discover the different ways of transportations.
The historical background showing that 1768, the first capable of human transportation was built by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. This man tried to think beyond that how man can survive in terms of transportation and this forced him to make that innovative as the solution.
After that in 1807, François Issac de Rivac innovates the first car powered by an internal combustion engine fueled by hydrogen. This also has the aim and goals of simplifies the transportation.
Similarly, 1886 first petrol or gasoline power automobile the Benz patent motorwagen was invented by Karl Benz. This also considered to be the first “production” vehicle as Benz made several identical copies.
So the history of car from Japan takes long time ago, thus why in 1927 to 1931 Ford model was introduced, 1969 Datsun 2402 Japanese sport car was introduced.
However, 2011 Toyota Corolla one of the world’s best selling models is taken to the market. This increased more morality to the customers to buy the car from Japan update.
More car from Japan up to now, become more valuable to the world’s market especially Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya where different branches were established.
Car from Japan is highly quality. Examples of car from Japan is Toyota, HONDA, MAZDA, SUZUKI, ISUZU, BMW, Datsun, Lexus, Nissan, and others.
Car from Japan, is in high needed in the world’s market, this is under the way of World’s hugest online car market. In this place there are about 50,000 stock.
Prices. The prices of the car from Japan is in low prices, example when you buy 10 car you will get one free. But this is the offer which is ended on December 31st 2015.
Advertising. The car from Japan is advertised through different types of medias, example through Facebook, Twitter, yahoo, televisions, radios, magazines, newspapers, instagram, and others like to conduct advertisement for particular items that are available in the community.
Transportation means. You may select your self on how you may receive your car from Japan, either through Harbour or airport. But in this to avoid mistake provide the clear address and your official names example MVUGHA RAJABU MRAMBA, P. Box 259 Dodoma, Tanzania, email, telephone number 0782451543.
Technically. The engineers of Japan use higher science and technology to test the Car before taken to the customers (market). This includes to test break, steeling, gear, engine system, oil systems and other this help them to be confidential to the market.
Car from Japan, also is highly needed individually and national widely. Car from Japan is in highly quality, so I am advice people to buy this car because of the following reasons :
It save fuel, affordable price for all national and individual needs. This will help them to economise the peoples.
Also, guaranteed, because the car from Japan is in good condition, they not fear to provide guarantee to the customers, this increases the faith to the customers.
Fit for poor roads. most of roads in developing countries particularly Tanzania is in poor conditions, but these car fit for the conditions both in all seasons, summer, winter, spring and autumn.
There are some used Japanese car from Japan. These car is in a good condition and high quality. Examples of car from Japan is Toyota land cruisers Prado 2001 TX, Nissan 2006 x trail, side visor, floor mat, price us $2,706 and others.
Japanese used car is advertised in this website of the company, please visit you may enjoy yourself the how all the car you will need are in the good condition.
Prize, if you will buy ten Japanese used car, you will get one free. The offer ends December 31st, 2015.
Whatever, if you live in the following countries like Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya there are some branches which are selling the Japanese used car, please visit for the particular places.
Prices, the Japanese used car from Japan are in low price with high quality, car more than 1,000 available in the stock. Example car like TOYOTA, Nissan and others are available. Toyota 2004 Passo FOB Kobe us $ 603,Toyota Corina FOB Kobe us $ 1,223. Visit
The X MAS Car giveaway, December 2015. For my side I will be more happy when I will announced that I am the “winner” is the link that I tries to tell my friends to visit so as to see good car from Japan.
Please, let submit.
Thank very much

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