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Mukwaya James from Uganda message


Hana, I surely have alot to say, am James from Uganda, “Car from Japan” beyond all doubts has proven to be the most excellent and exceptional trader(s) of Japanese used cars over time and many people from around the world testify of your peculiar professionalism with the very highest degree of honesty and integrity which cannot be found anywhere else. A person who has done his/her work well indeed deserves to be appreciated and therefore i take up this pleasure from the bottom of my heart to thank you “car from Japan” for being faithful with us the customers always and aswel not forgetting your pocket friendly car prices which have made it easy for many people around the world to acquire their own cars. In most cases trading across continents involve alot issues such as damages of the way, receiving something else apart from what one exactly ordered for, very high costs of purchase and transportation, among others, and these have discouraged many to carry out this trading, but i really want to thank “car from Japan” in a special way that all of these issues have been looked at and you have devised means to offer services to us to the best of your abilities that no complaints have ever come up against you (as far as i know) concerning issues like disappointments of receiving a car that is not exactly the one a person ordered for, delay of cars to reach the ports, and many others. your prices have obtained you a good reputation as “car from Japan” making it possible for even the low income earners to acquire their own cars and get rid of stress from using public means. The quality of your cars is overwhelmingly excellent, that though most( if not all) of them are used cars, they reach us in a very good condition where one sometimes can drive a car from “car from japan” for a very long period of time without any mechanical failure regardless of its model, my humble request is that you keep up the quality of you services because this side in Africa we surely enjoy your services through selling to us quality cars at affordable prices and giving to us what we exactly order for and perfectly meeting the deadlines at the ports . Now in this competition, am looking forward to spread the gospel concerning “car from Japan” to whoever is in my reach here in my country(Uganda) so that as they are making their choices to purchase used cars online, they will consider no any other but “car from Japan” for a quality vehicle that will simplify their lives for good especially during traveling, so i will be able to do this with an evidence of my won car from this competition. and i also again appreciate you for bringing up such opportunities because not many companies can appreciate their customers with such great prizes through just a few simple steps. It is my prayer that God expands this company and multiply it, that it always be the best in car dealing around the whole world. thanks alot. James Kampala-Uganda

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