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Mukasimbote Marjorie Munachonga from Zambia message


I deserve to win this car because I love cars from Japan, they have a very wide selection of vehicles, and their prices are so reasonable, most of the vehicles from cars from Japan are almost brand new with low mileage. and of the people from my country Zambian buy their vehicles from Japan, which means if I won this car , I would be advertising on behalf of cars from Japan, most people buy a product they have seen not only heard of.
I would really appreciate to own a car from cars from Japan, for me you are simply the best, the most affordable and with a wider range of selection, you are a one stop shop, what more can one ask for. you are able to caters for everyone according to their budget,
please let me win this one car and I will really appreciate your gesture very much.
Thanking you in advance


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