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Mr Rikard Kilasi from Tanzania message


I love nice cars with good standards, offroad ones like the Rav4 but I like most the SUZUKI Grand Vitara models from 2001-2006. Suzuki are the best, spacy economy cars with four wheel drive; Easy to maintain, have genuine parts in most shops here in Dar es salaam Tanzania.Suzuki Grand Vitara specifically the J20 Engine one, 5seats, Automatic, with 5gears,1995CC,2exel,4WD, Driver and passenger airbags,Cloth upholster/leather 2.0L Petrol( Odometer 180km/h or 200km/h) You can drive it fastest anyhow you want it, becoz its accelaration is smooth and fast.This car has nice shape and drives nicely in all terrain be it offroad or urban, bumpy roads,sandy or mudy. You can also engage the 4WD inside the car when you want it.

The Car is comfortable in most Roads in Africa,Tanzania in Particular, the reason being it has strong shock absobers,coil springs and does not drive on Four wheel all the time like the Rav4 hence makes the car more economy on fuel consumption. It also have plenty spare parts from second hand to new parts.So its such a car that you can own and enjoy life with its durable parts available in shops all around Dar es salaam and other cities in Tanzania.

This far,I would advise people to buy Japanese cars for they are durable,Nice designs, safe to drive and cheap cars (affordable)

Rikard Kilasi
Dar es salaam

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