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Mr Mwaura Murigi Njuguna from Kenya message

Mr Mwaura Murigi Njuguna from Kenya message
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I come from a country (Kenya) where our up-country roads are not very good. My first used car (not from Japan), served my family and I for four and a half years. Unwillingly, I had to sell it because as a family, we could not keep up with the cost of running it. We needed a vehicle (my spouse has mobility challenges), and though our income was not very stable I, was determined to get the very best for the family. I had heard people talk of Japanese used cars and I felt I should try them. I got a Toyota Corolla van from Japan which had covered about the same milage as the first car by the time I acquired it. We have used that Toyota for over eight years now. It’s fuel consumption is still very low as compared with the first car, however, some of its spare parts are becoming rare.
My spouse and I are about to retire and we would need a quality vehicle like we have seen with the Car from Japan.

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