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Moses Richard Mongo from Tanzania message

Moses Richard Mongo from Tanzania message
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Picking me as a winner will benefit more people than myself, I work in civil society a non-profit, I work voluntarily to support people with intellectual disability, improving rural school girls performance, and fighting against gender violence etc. Transport to reach rural part and cover more villages has been a challenge. Getting this car will facilitate our work and benefit more people.

What I think about Car from Japan, Japanese cars are quite convenient around the globe including African countries, since it is less fuel consuming (very economic), less expensive (affordable intended to provide service than just a typical profit making – balances), durable (value for money), designed come in many form (car capacity based on our needs i.e. engine sizes, board designs, heights & widths, level of comfort-ability etc). Japanese cars cut across needs of all classes, weather, nature of works etc. Japanese honesty is a core value in Japanese business as well, no wonder the company grows faster and many keep trusting products from Japan.

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