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Mitieli Vodonaivalu from Fiji message

Mitieli Vodonaivalu from Fiji message
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I have been great friends with Japanese homestays coming to Fiji to which many have stayed with my family and I and have enjoyed their company. I would always ask a lot of questions about cars from Japan or Japanese used cars. Many have told me that cars from Japan are always the best and my wife and I have since bought a Toyota Corolla NZE121 model. I believe I should be picked as the winner because I cannot afford a bigger, safer vehicle like an SUV or 4WD as we now have 2 beautiful children and their safety in the car is my priority. Japanese cars are known to be the best with great features, solid vehicles and very comfortable.

I have always admired owning a Hyundai Santa Fe but also have a high preference for the latest Toyota Rav 4 or even Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser range. If I am chosen as the winner, I will be happy to share with people my appreciation to Car From Japan for its commitment to providing the best vehicles for various customer preferences

All the best!

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