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Why I should win a car for Christmas

A car is probably one of the greatest inventions made by man. It has changed how we look at life and improved our relationships as a race. A car can take you to your destination faster, a car can help those in need get help faster. But a car can also help you have fun. There are alot of reasons why everyone wants a car, but the following are my reasons.

I want a car to help me get from one point to the other easier. There are alot of errands I have to run each day as a young man. I go to school and at the same time, I help my parents with most of the household chores and even grocery shopping. Hoping from one form of public transportation to the other can be quite hectic at such times. Hence a car would make my life very easy.

I want a car to help me fulfil my new years resolution that I made on the first day of this new year. I had plans to purchase a car this year from Cars from Japan, however, I was met with inforseen circumstances that made it difficult for me to do so. Getting a car for Christmas would hence be the greatest gift I would get! It would mean I have fulfilled my new years resolution despite challenges faces during the year.

I want a car to have fun and interact more with my fellow youths. Youths are no doubt the future leaders of our generation. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Fostering communication and solidarity among the youths remains a goal towards development. Amazing ideas are created when the youth come together to think as one. Solutions to everyday problems are created when the youths think together. However , it ia hard to foster such relations when transportation is hard to attain. A car would make it very easy for me to attaend to such crucial social gatherings to also input my knowledge. I believe we all have something we can contribute towards development.

Lastly, I want a car to be able to travel and see my country Malawi and relatives more. Malawi is a beautiful country with so much destinations to visit. However I have not been able to do so due to transport problems. An opportunity to travel and see my country would be invaluable. In the same vein, a car will assist me travel and seey relations who live far from where I stay. It will help strenthen the relationship between me and my family

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