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Michael Wang'ombe from Kenya message

Michael Wang'ombe from Kenya message
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Picking me as a winner would really be a great opportunity for yourselves in terms of getting a market share foothold in Kenya since the car would clearly bear your company sticker and thus potential customers would be interested in exploring new avenues for importation. In Kenya, we are always looking for clean Japanese used cars with genuine low mileage, good/exceptional service and honesty, attributes I believe Car From Japan holds dearly…

Secondly, if you picked me as the winner, I would ensure I buy some units from your company as a sign of good faith in return. I am a used car dealer based in Nairobi, Kenya and I usually import Japanese used car s, about 10-15 units annually, from Japan.

I think Car From Japan’s website is very simple and user-friendly even to the point where a “layman” with little or no knowledge of using a computer or smart phone, would easily grasp searching for a car within no time. Even registering as a member is quite simple and hassle-free.

The bargain prices with an unmatched portfolio at Car From Japan with almost (if not every) models and makes of Japanese used cars.

I also like Car From Japan’s ultimate goal of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trade is a very encouraging statement that gives customers the confidence since you say your focus is on retaining customers rather than making sales, because you believe that every great business is built upon customer satisfaction. This, I truly believe, is the essence of exceptional customer service that will take Car From Japan to greater heights!

Trust & innovation defines the present & future of any Japanese used car company which Car From Japan seems to be doing quite well on. The Car From Japan team on the website looks young, vibrant and ready to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. A team that looks ready to take on the world and move car sales to another level through innovative ideas like this one where we’re currently trying our luck.

Lastly but not least, Car From Japan’s “Xmas Car Giveaway 2015” competition is a very noble idea that will go a long way in creating a good rapport with potential and future customers just from the mileage Car From Japan will get through the exposure and social media referrals.

With this many words, I now look forward to hearing from you, hopefully with good news about being picked as one of the lucky winners…

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