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Michael Mapeta from Malawi message

Michael Mapeta from Malawi message
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I would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for organizing this wonderful Xmas Car Giveaway 2015 as it has been my dream to get close to you in terms of vehicles sale interaction. I believe I should be picked as the winner of a car from CAR FROM JAPAN due to reasons stated below:

    My country has got no vehicles manufacturing industries, so all of the vehicles here are imported, and vast majority of imported vehicles are from Japan, but unfortunately most of the people here in Malawi have no or if any little knowledge about CAR FROM JAPAN as a Japanese Used Car Exporter. It is my belief that if win a vehicle many people here will have knowledge about existence of this company.

    Apart from people’s little knowledge about the company, most of the cars which are imported are not coming from CAR FROM JAPAN, and this means may be this company is not as popular as the other Japanese Car Exporters. So I believe by winning the vehicle people will have an opportunity to know alternative Japanese Used Car Exporter.

    I also think I should win a car from CAR FROM JAPAN because this will be as an advertisement of the Company to the country.

    I also think I should win the Car because I believe this company is really a destination of people who need high quality used vehicles, I am saying this because I have gone through various Japanese Used Car Exporters Companies and found that in comparison, CAR FROM JAPAN is the best in quality.

    Lastly, I believe it is possible to make fast deals with CAR FROM JAPAN because it is easy to make communications with the company and receive responses as soon as possible, so in this company there is no time wasting or any delaying in making deals.

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