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Michael Ariga from Kenya message

Michael Ariga from Kenya message
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Hello Car From Japan,
My name is Michael Ariga from Kenya.
I thank Car From Japan for giving me another opportunity to participate in your campaign to promote Car From Japan. I thank God for giving me another chance to be associate with your great and durable products from Car From Japan. I also participated in the previous campaign, I did not win but I was happy to participate and promote Japanese used car from Car From Japan Company. This time am very determined to win this promotion because it has been my dream to own a car from Car From Japan. Once you pick me as a winner I will continue promoting your company in my country. What I love most from your company is durable and long lasting machines and good relationship between your employees and customers.Your cars are of higher and good qualities meeting the international standard. Infact am saying this out of my own experience,I have witnessed how good are your cars. Japanese used car mets all international standard.They are environmental friendly, consume low amount of energy and produce a lot of power which make their engine more energetic and strong. They can cover a very long distance over short period of time. Your cars are amazing with different model and makeup which make them attractive in all world.What I can say is that its your destiny God gave you Car From Japan to produce high quality cars. Among the greatest qualities have seen in your company are:

  1. Product assortment. Your company understand the market is good forJapanese used-
    car sales. Your are confident
    in your systems and determined.
  2. Your culture of dealership is of higher standard. In your customer service culture,I have seen trust which is the upmost
    importance in the customer and employee relationship.
    In your perfect setting, I have seen management trusting
    employees; employees trusting management; and
    this makes the customers to trust the company even much more. This makes Japanese used car from Car From Japan to be accepted All over the world.
  3. Customer Service is well defined in dealership level.Your company trains your employee both technically and on how to deliver their brand of helpful customer service. This secret to your
    success is that you focus on your employees first, then this makes employees to be always ready to focus and help your customers on different sector.
  4. Your innovative processes and technologies is great and helpful. Your dealership has best website
    reformatted to help mobile customers identify both Japanese used cars and car stores.This increases chances for customers to identify cars easily. Infact this make customers to hypothetically
    stand on your dealer’s used-cars.
    In my life, I love doing business.Am dreaming of buying Japanese used cars from Car From Japan and selling in my country Kenya. This is because your company offer all kind of vehicles needed by customers all over the world.
    Am also ready to work with Car From Japan and be your ambassador in Kenya.
    God bless all Car From Japan team and sponsors for your hardworking.

Michael Ariga.

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