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Meshack Odhiambo from Kenya message

Meshack Odhiambo from Kenya message
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ck in the early days of blog giveaways (2007 or so), you had to crawl the web to find giveaways. Sites like IceRocket were useful for plugging in search terms like “giveaway” and “contest” to see who was giving away what. If you were lucky, you could find three to five new blog giveaways a day that no one had heard of. Now, of course, there are thousands of blog giveaways going on at any one time, so this method is a bit vague. If you insist on searching specifically for blog giveaways, be sure to plug in prize descriptors to narrow down the results. (Try searching “blog giveaway Tony Hawk Shred,” for example, if you want to find that particular prize being offered.) There are no guarantees that your results will net only active giveaways, but it is a start. IceRocket is still a very good tool for this method i should win because it may also help me give hopes to people who barely have no luck in whatever they try you know maybe i could be the one to give them the hope and i will use they vehicle to do productive things you know because where i am from its not very accecible for everyone so they have to take public transport which takes quite a long time to get to where they need to please please please please please please give this to me because you also said sharing is caring so i shall do that with my vehicle thanks

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