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mdue from Zimbabwe message

mdue from Zimbabwe message
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As a student Japanese used car help us a lot, first of all they are affordable and easy to obtain. Its nice to own a car as a student though i don’t own one because of finance issues. My parents import car from japan for resale here in Zimbabwe and because of these car imports I am able to go to school and finish my IT Degree. I wish to continue my family business of importing japan cars for resale here in Zimbabwe. I like the prices of car from japan they are low and winning this free car will help me start a carrier in japan car imports with car from japan. Also it will allow me to own a car and use it as proof to people around me that Japanese used car are of great help as i share the news. Today the 22 of December the entry closes and i really feel i have done all i can to earn as much points as i can, i have shared this promotion over and over again on Facebook ,Twitter and Google Plus, i have sent as many emails as i can though a few people joined via my link. I am great full to be part of this competition and i have no re-greats or fear because i feel i am ready for that lucky pick. To answer the question why you should pick me as a winner “ITS BECAUSE I WANT TO WIN”

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