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Mbasa RUgigana from Rwanda message

Mbasa RUgigana from Rwanda message
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Having been a clearing and forwarding agent based in Africa and particularly East Africa. I have handled many Japanese used cars of different models imported from Japan. The difference between Japanese cars and others cars is remarkable and seen in how neat and we’ll parked. They have less damages and arrive on time. The documentation is all in order and they arrive in time. Japan cars exporters have a chain of network of agents right former the port of loading to the port of disembarkation. Importing from Japan gives a car buyer maximum assurance of receding his or her car timely and in good condition.
Buying a car from Japan does not also require one to travel there. Everything is electronic. It requires one to visit the website. It is a self service Web and customer friendly thus easy to use. The websites are updated most daily. Cars are well categorised according to their models, make, year of manufacture, price, discounts available.
The process of payment is very clear to customers T/T is accepted I have seen others making bank transfers and they receive their cars easily. Japanese car dealers approach business with honest and trust, they are efficient and above all they share information. You can track your car. Once ubu have booked your car and paid it’s blocked on the website.
Easy ordering process: once you have chosen a car from the website and confirmed they most times send you by DHL all the documents required and payments forms. Once the payment is confirmed they start the shipping process. Bill of lading is written in the customers name. They do not do grouping thus giving individualised customer service and increases the trust and easy tracking. Japan used car dealers will have informed you of the tentative date of departure and arrival. This is particularly good for inland transporters to the hinterlands. This reduces costs of warehousing at coasts and other parking fees.
DEALERS in Japanese used cars offer discounts especially to those that buy in large quantities.

Quality of Japanese used cars: I can testify that the Japanese used cars are in good mechanical condition. The features shown on Web are real. I one own car purchased from Japanese used cars and it’s comfortable and nothing changed. They do not manipulate kilometers readings or LHD change to R&D or vise versa.

I would therefore recommend to purchase a car from Japan

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