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martin mmbando from Kenya message

martin mmbando from Kenya message
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Why should you pick me as the winner?,well I do believe I would be a good representative for your sponsors and the brand as a whole since i represent two generations.One generation would be the young and knows what makes them tick,trendy and appealing to their eyes at their time and age,the other generation is of the middle age where they have different preferences and priorities as compared to the their counter younger version of themselves.

“Car from Japan is the in thing,today’s wonder technology that the world is looking and sought after in great admiration.The populace are in consensus and a proven fact that a Japanese used car is always better in terms of shape,wornout,colour and engine running,the mileage is always minimal and manageable”,want to go with the trend,stand out with the best and drive the best,get the most fashionable,spacious and amazing speed from the experts of motor vehicles,get a car from Japan”that might be a slogan/a catching phrase to the new generation.

“You want a family car that’s economically friendly and comfortable for the whole family,look no further,we have best for your family and friends.Enjoy your privacy,space and invest for your brighter future in getting the best out of your hard earned money.Get a car from Japan,new or used,the standard is the same,try us and see a new horizon,best for the family,best for you”,that can be a catching pitch sale slogan for the middle aged generation.

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