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martin abuuru from Kenya message

martin abuuru from Kenya message
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I am sure am the winner of the car from japan promotion because it has been my dream to upgrade my ride in the coming new year and with the bad economy my prayer has been something special will happen. I feel that my prayers have been answered and the special thing is the Japan car promotion! I am very great full to the management of the car from japan promotion for giving me this opportunity to win a new car in my life. This will be the best car i have ever owned. I cant wait to drive it and take my daughter & wife out for a off road long drive.

Japanese used cars are very clean, wel maintained and have always given the kenyan motorists a very impeccable service. Its very easy to maintain to maintain the japanese cars, the spare parts are easily available in the market and affordable. I appreciate the japanese used cars for giving us an opportunity to have smooth ride in kenya.

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