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Mark Sentongo Clifford from Uganda message

Mark Sentongo Clifford from Uganda message
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Hello Car from Japan
Good morning , the reason why you should pick me as the winner is , first of all i want this car to be a family car , for my mother to drive , because she has longed to own a car for along time , but she has not yet raised enough money to buy one , she has travelled African nations ministering , doing God’s work, but no one has blessed her with a car, she used to ride a bicycle 30 kilometers from one village where she has planted a church to another home village, and this should be her reward if i win this car for her, the small amount of money she gents from house rent is not enough to buy one , and another thing is the second car should be mine , because i also ride to work on a bike, but its tiresome climbing the hills on a bike when some of my workmates are driving home and others are on motorbikes , i havent yet raised enough money to buy a car but i feel at my age i should be driving a car not riding on bikes, so if i win this car , it will really really change my life and the people around me, because of course it wil not be for me alone but for the family and the neighbours and workmates who will need a lift , i will be in position to assist each and everyone to offer a lift , and if i win these cars , i have to make it a remembrance by writing words “CAR FROM JAPAN” on the cars to give a good picture of how i got the cars , so God ,help me win these cars
Mark Clifford.

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