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Mackson D K Ng'ambi from Malawi message


Car from Japan Competition is a game of marks or points’, therefore merging as a winner is not free for all but fulfilling or meeting the rules and procedures of the competition. Furthermore it means you have participated in the competition. There is a saying that goes and I quote” surely you know that many runners take part in the race, but only one of them wins the price. Run, then, in such a way as to win the prize” end of quote. Based on the quote, we are many who have registered in this competition it will then depend upon who has fulfilled all the requirements to emerge as the winner of the first prize. I am optimistic that I am going to emerge as a winner in this competition because I have taken part in the competition; I am going bide by the rules of the competition and fulfil all of them.
Car from Japan changes the status of many people in my country Malawi. With a car from Japan is not just a prestige but a necessity, status changes life styles changes too. Without car from Japan we would be in imperial age. Therefore merging as a winner in this completion will be a blessing to both (you and me). Seeing is believing, people would be able to see for themselves at the same time it would be self promotion ie promoting car from Japan. Thanks for putting this forward that people should participate, at the same time you are promoting your products (cars)

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