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M. A. Mohaymin Raju from Bangladesh message

M. A. Mohaymin Raju from Bangladesh message
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First of all I like to thank “Car From Japan” for organizing this event. Now, as you said (Hana Yurimoto) I am representative of this current campaign; so I will try my best to spread this campaign among my friends, family and communities as well. I have already shared with a small part of my communities in social media sites and in my neighborhood community. Currently I am involve with so many companies(individual) where I have many followers. They honor me and I owe them too.I have got positive feedback from them about the “Car From Japan” campaign when I discussed with them. I believe they will also spreed the campaign among their friends, family and relatives. I am still working on this campaign and I will keep spreading to elaborate it till the countdown stops. I can not stop my excitement about having this opportunity to participate, because I never own a car.

My personal opinion about Car From Japan is not only a company for business but also give a better life to the people around the world. I believe they have complete idea to achieve their goal. They have very good reputation from the beginning and I also believe that they have the ability to touch the people’s heart. And when they touch the people’s heart that will be limitless joy. I wish that day is not so far.

In the end I just want to say that I am very glad to get an opportunity like this and help you with my small participation. I feel honored.

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