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lucy lambwe from Malawi message

lucy lambwe from Malawi message
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car from japan are more affordable and reliable for varied customers especially in my country Malawi, a lot of customers are looking for representatives to buy or help them purchase vehicles from Japanese used cars. therefore, car from japan has already penetrated the markets in Malawi as the best and highest selling dealers, and its being welcomed. I would like to be picked as the winner at car from japan because i am very smart and motivated to represent cars from japan as core representative, and also contribute to the services provided to customers not only Malawi but also to neighboring countries, because i am naturally flexible to work with people from different background, and also communication skills in business, providing the best services to our customers, because the main priority of Japanese used car is to provide the best service to its customers, at the right/reasonable price, at the right time, to the rightful place/destination, and also the exact requirement from customers. i am very grateful to represent car from japan.

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