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LLOYD MAINZA MIYANDA from Zambia message

LLOYD MAINZA MIYANDA from Zambia message
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Thank you so much for accepting my application into the competition, well first I would like to say car from japan is the best in terms of searching for that dream car and the rates are the best as compared to other Japanese used car dealers, so choosing car from japan is the best choose one can make. you have tried the rest now try the best. picking me to be the winner means that car from japan has not only made a winner but opened up new doors and spread its network not only in my country Zambia but the whole African continent and the world at large. knowing that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, the first step has been made and that is choosing car from japan to be leading supplier of Japanese used cars in Zambia and the whole of Africa spreading the network world over. car from japan has proved to be the world leader in car dealing and one way of showing that is by giving back to its customers and making this Christmas a Christmas to remember, so as we join hands to make this perfect bond, I just want to say thank you car from japan for this wonderful opportunity.

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