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Lilian Mutheu from Kenya message

Lilian Mutheu from Kenya message
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Why would I be picked as a winner…considering I have not won anything before…am not too sure I have the answer but let me attempt this….(i can hear we can do it chants at the back of my mind) sorry I digress….
I come from Kenya, if its anything to go by…I believe we have the biggest import market in Africa …we get most of our cars from Japan…Japanese used cars are the go to cars for a lot of residents in Kenya…you know that Toyota slogan…that the car infront of you is always a toyota….we all relate. I guess what am trying to say is…the market is huge huge in this country but am guessing you already knew that …so the next thing is where do I fit in this for Car from Japan, i.e. what am i bringing to the table. Well am 24…a young female professional, hippy and everyone likes a good car…good looking functional sassy car…i come in as the subtle marketer of Car from Japan, my friends, my social circle, my professional network, my age mates and peers…alot of them are looking to buy their first cars or upgrade what they already have…and am there to give my experience with Car from Japan. People value word of mouth, they take value in what other people have experienced. If my experience with Car from Japan is terms of experience, the quality of car I get, the process and customer support ..i’ll pass along the message and people will be like. I’ll check it out. Slowly by slowly a loyal customer base will be formed and it all started with a good experience.

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