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Lightness Uisso from Tanzania message

Lightness Uisso from Tanzania message
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Hello Car From Japan,
My name is Lightness Uisso from Tanzania. A single mom, a self employed enterpreneur a japanese used car lover (Nissan Xtrail Is My Favorite) and also I work as an editor for Arusha Times -a magazine company in Tanzania. This is my first time to enter this contest even though it’s not my first time to hear about car from Japan. My first time to know about car from Japan was in April this year as I was searching for a japanese used car for sale over the Internet, I passed over several companies websites including yours.Prices differed alot from different companies I also noticed from other company websites indeed car from Japan topped the list, your website is a professional one. I can say car from Japan is the first company I would deal with if I wanted to get my first car. Ofcorse I wanted to negotiate prices but I wasn’t ready,( I am not ready) to purchase one yet, but of coarse I will purchase one if I am ready! Winning a car from you guys will mean a lot to me and my family and kids for this Christmas season, as an editor if I win this car (something I dream about) over the next article I will talk about car from Japan.
Thanks Car From Japan, Truly you are the future of the japan used car industry in Tanzania!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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