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Leah Mutimba from Kenya message

Leah Mutimba from Kenya message
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Car for Japan,
I must say I have never tried this before but i saw the email in our office mail and decided to take a big step and be part of these.Am a journalist and we love taking risks because we need to give a story of how the risk was as well as testimonies of Japanese used cars and their efficiency.I must say most of my colleagues drive such cars and i visit the parking regularly just to hope that i will be the owner of my own Car from Japan someday.Am not sure how many more have applied since the email was sent to the whole company as well as different countries but i for sure know that am hoping very soon i will have a sticker on my car as proof that am enjoying the same services you provide for them.

Am glad am a part of these and the support am getting from my google,facebook and twitter friends.

I know as a journalist am expected to write a lot but again as an editor ,we have learned the art of passing a message in few words.

Merry chrismas or xmas to Car from Japan and Japanese used car and a happy new year to all who shall take part in making this a success.

Thanks for the wishes
Am humbled.

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