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Kyomuhendo M.Godfrey from Uganda message

Kyomuhendo M.Godfrey from Uganda message
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Hullo Hana Yurimoto,am so delighted to be among the participants in this car from Japan competition.
I like car from Japan and not only me but my country men and women as well.The cars made in Japan are strong in durability and can manage all sorts of land terrain especially here in our African continent where the land surface coupled with the harsh roads are a challenge to travellers,therefore car from Japan has played and still plays a great role in providing strong cars.
Am sure out of the total population of the cars used in my country Uganda,atleast 90% are from Japan because of the durability,strength and good costs compared to those from other places.
In addition to that,there are good used cars from Japan which are bought at good prices,whereas they are still strong and almost in good condition like the new ones from other countries.This makes it unique and I have found out that in my country Uganda,one will go in for a Japanese used car and leave a new one from another country because the benefits is likely to get are more before disposing it off.
I feel that am capable of winning a car from Japan this time and am just waiting for the time to come.I have my driving permit already and hope this time the blessing will land on me.I feel I can’t wait for that time to come,when I will open my email and find a message from Car from Japan in my inbox.
Long live car from Japan.
Kyomuhendo M. Godfrey

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