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khinmaungwin from Myanmar message

khinmaungwin from Myanmar message
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Dear Sir/madam
We would like to thank you for your kindly accepted join your network. My name is Khin Maung Win from Union Of Myanmar. I am an officer of generator company. And so I know the quality of japan made machinery. They are very good to use. They are easy to repair and many spare parts in Myanmar. I have learned mechanical power major from Myanmar technological university. I see Japan car is very good . Many of Japan car brand such as Toyota ,Nissan .
I like Toyota brand, Our Country people use and like Toyota brand.
Crown,Mark II,Land cruiser, Pajero,Surf,Alphard,Fielder, Probox and so on.I like crown because it is most comfortable of other car .So i like this car.
I wish,you company are most rich and success.
Have a good day,

Best Regard,
Khin Maung Win

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