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KEVIN PETER from Kenya message

KEVIN PETER from Kenya message
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I take this opportune moment to thank you all for organising such an impressive and motivating competition. I actually learnt of it from my browser when i was busy facebooking and chatting with friends. What made me to join the competiton, was the high level of professional competency from Japanese when it comes to making cars. i saw it as an opportunity too to try my luck and compete for a Christmas gift of which i pray so hard to get. I make sure i visit this site everyday to see if there’s any update or if i have good chances of winning. from the look of things all is well and i don,t see why i can,t win a car. Just choose me as the winner… i will highly appreciate. well, i don,t know much about Car from Japan but the little i know is that japanese used cars are awesome!!!! they are durable and smart. and if you manage to possess one, you can never fail to be proud of that valuable. They are usually amazing! i really thank the Organising committee of this competition, together with our lovely sponsors and also my fellow competitors for being part of this great event. Watashi wa min’na o aishiteimasu. Watashi wa saizen no kekka o kitai shimasu… Anata ni kami no shukufuku ga arimasu yō ni

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