Find. Buy. Drive

kasobya winfred from Uganda message


First and foremost am so humbled for having been chosen amongst all d people to participate in this competition.
You should pick me as a winner because am one of those women who have a dreamof driving a new car from Japan. I would love to own my own car in life . I will be the first person to own a car in my family. You should also pick me as a winner because i promise i will be open to everyone and tell them that i got the car right from you . In that case i will be marketing you around so that you get more orders from people from my country.
You should pick as a winner because am this will be a dream come true and it will also be a prayer answered because eversince i learnt how to drive a car. Have never owned one in my life. So that will be a golden opportunity in my life.
You should also pick as your winner because that will be the best christmas gift that i wil ever receive. It will really be my chance because my wedding is next year. So if chosen as a winner. I want to use my dream car to drive me and my husband to church as i go to say my vows.
I think the car from Japan is the best car someone can ever have because cars from Japan have quality and the best spare the can be easily got at an affordable price.
I will be the happiest woman ever if chosen
As a winner .
Thank you so much.

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