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Julian Maina from Kenya message

Julian Maina from Kenya message
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I am a Kenyan mum living in the capital City Nairobi. Life her is moving fast especially for someone like me who juggles between work and home. I live approximately one hour drive from where I work. I am forced to use a taxi as it is very cumbersome using public means. I will be happy if I win the car as I will be able to make it to work and back to my son and family on it.

The reason I also want this car is because my son has a brain condition which means I take him to clinic every week. I also take him for physiotherapy thrice a week and it is really expensive on transport.

I once had a car which I had to sell to cater for my son’s medical bills. I sometimes wish I didn’t as transport has become a nightmare to me.

I love Japanese cars as they are reliable and being mostly trouble-free when it comes to major issues regarding mechanical breakdown or failure.

I also love their designs that are unique and stylish.

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