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JOSEPHY SAJIWA from Malawi message

JOSEPHY SAJIWA from Malawi message
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thank you CAR FROM JAPAN COMPANY LIMITED for putting me into this competition, I really appreciate this. but HURT ME WITH THE TRUTH AND NEVER COMFORT ME WITH A LIE. I believe this 2 vehicles one will be mine, and am ready to receive it as my xmas gift for 2015. GOD be my side to win this car.
CAR FROM JAPAN , I really salute you for selling us cheap cars, our Country Malawi is now full with very beautiful vehicles from your country Japan. we are still buying all types of vehicle, I really appreciate.

Continue supplying us with other new models.
NOTE: we have problem in spare parts for your vehicles, sometimes we do tell you to supply us with a certain spare part, therefore cant you open retail shops around Africa including Malawi so that the problem of spare parts will be solve at without spending much money.

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