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JOHN KYALO KIMOLIA from Kenya message

JOHN KYALO KIMOLIA from Kenya message
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Am very glad to have you on board,and accepting my request to join this’s logic that Car From Japan,are best known for their durability, fuel consuming, and above all they are pocket friendly.Their spare parts are locally available and they are easy to access.They have powered engine which can make even in the bad roads without failure,Thanks to Japanese used car they perform well in Africa as if they where brand new cars.My love to Japanese car come when I was 9years old boy, after a heavy downfall on a muddy road and we managed to drive home safely.For my trust on Japanese cars I ask you to consider me as a winner and also I request to be a brand ambassador for Japanese cars in KENYA.
All the best from Japanese cars.
Yours, John Kyalo Kimolia.

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