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John Kiandika from Tanzania message


Hi Hana
My name is John Kiandika,Aim in the competition to win a car as a gift for x-mas, I think you should pick me as a winner because i can be a good ambassador to your company as i own popular blogs here in Tanzania plus facebook and instagram pages with many followers, so we can sit down together and see how we can work together to make your company and products exposed to many people here in Tazania and East Africa in general…

How do I think about Car From Japan?

I think Car From Japan is A good Company though it is not well know here in Tanzania as others , but you have very good chance of being number one exporter of cars from Japan if you continue to put efforts on advertising strategies like this of of X-mass Gifts, Also i like your name as it is good for Web search engines you can optimize to rank number one for people who are searching car from japan…

Thats all from me
John Kiandika

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