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Jeremia Elias from Tanzania message

Jeremia Elias from Tanzania message
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In most of developing Countries Cars from Japan Japanese cars are good and help full to the people living in these Countries.

A good example is the Country of mine and other East African Countries;
-The cars are of good quality although they are used ones.
-They are of prices affordable to most of the people compare to the economic status of our Countries(developing ones).
-These cars are also good to our Countries in such a way that they are made to meet the demands of the places with low quality of transporting systems(i.e poor roads).
-Not only the mentioned but also the cars from Japan or Japanese used cars cars are of good quality with the affordable and available spare parts(i.e for the case some parts of car has wear out,It is easy to change)
-The Cars from japan or The Japanese cars are good in such a way that
The shipping process is highly sercure due to the faithfulness of their shipping agents

Therefore the Japanese used cars a good compare to any other Countries cars,and that are some reason why we must prefer the Japanese used cars

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