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Janice Johnny from Zimbabwe message

Janice Johnny from Zimbabwe message
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You should pick me as your winner because i have entered your competition. I am a single mum with three kids and we are currently searching for a vehicle that will be ideal for me and the kids. At the moment we cannot afford wat we really want and that is a Prado or an Elgrand Nissan – Diesel that is our dream car. The Car from Japan company is a good company that looks out for the underpriveldged families like us. You have nice cheap cars that are always on special the only thing is the shipping that makes us different from those that can afford to ship the cars in. I am hoping that one day i will be able to afford to buy a car and pay for it to be delivered to my door. Well done on the competitions that you run, i have entered all of the them with no such luck. I am sure i will be a winner very very soon and I will definately put your name on the market. We have alot of Japanese used cars in our country and if all of them were from your company imagine the money you would have made from Zimbabwe. In our economic situation its better and cheaper to buy a Japanese used car as most of the them are not old or destroyed, they are well looked after and have less mileage on the clock.
Well all I can say is I hope i am a winner.

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