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Jane Wanjiku from Kenya message

Jane Wanjiku from Kenya message
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Dear Hana and Car From Japan team,

First of all I would like to acknowledge Car From Japan for giving this promotion. It shows that you are a company that also appreciates its customers and fans.
I have been surfing Japanese used car websites looking for a Japanese used car. I prefer to import since car dealers in kenya sell their cars at a higher price ($1000 to $5000) more as they look to make profit. This makes buying cars locally very expensive hence importing a Japanese used car is better and cheaper.
I have always wanted a car (I know everyone will say this but I mean It) As a lady (I know you will agree Hana) I have to work double hard to lift up my business. I have been working hard but I still have not saved up enough cash to buy a Japanese used car. I received the link to your Xmas car giveaway campaign and I could feel butterflies in my stomach 🙂 I knew this campaign was God sent.
I presume Car From Japan would want to select a winner who would not take the prize and disappear but a winner who would spread the Car From Japan gospel to everyone. In kenya 90% of cars on the road are Japanese used cars (I saw on your facebook page you guys came to kenya so you saw it for yourselves) so exporters such as Car From Japan consider Kenya a very big market. We Kenyans go by reference….that is If someone has bought a car from a certain exporter, the buyer refers the company to their friends and other potential buyers. If Car From Japan picked me as the winner, I would preach the Car From Japan gospel and refer everyone to your company:) From your previous winners list I saw mostly men won so maybe this time round we can represent for the ladies:)
Car From Japan from what I have seen is a decent company. While browsing your exporters stock I saw you give buyer protection and a 100% money back guarantee which I was told by a car dealer is very rare. Car From Japan also has one of the best looking websites…Kudos to your technical team, they did a very good job. Car From Japan connects exporters with good cars in their stocklist so you guys have a very good company.
Finally, I would like to repeat and say If I were to be selected as the winner, I would promote Car From Japan to all my friends and other potential buyers so pleeeeeeaase pick me:)

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