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James Obiero from Kenya message


Dear Hana Yurimoto,
I am as well glad to be joining this competition. I got to learn about the said competition about a month ago on my Facebook timeline feed.
As a resident of Mombasa, Kenya which is located in the Eastern African region, can proudly concur that Japanese vehicles have been the mainstream vehicle of choice within our harsh tropical region. This is due to the robustness, reliability and durability of the vehicles.
Why I should be picked as the winner is because i believe i can work well to effectively and efficiently market and represent your brand including your sponsors. As a university student undertaking a course in Bachelor of Commerce, i can also get to know the business aspect of this field as this will greatly equip my marketing and product promotion skills.
What i think of Car From Japan is how the aspect of client satisfaction is met, this comes by the way the paperwork is taken care of, making sure the payment is safe and finally delivering what the customer(s) pay for, in perfect condition.
I tend to like the trust you’ve gained from hundreds of major Japanese used car exporters with unmatched portfolio of cars at favorable prices. I have also come to learn the important steps that allow you to execute such tasks, which are: Concept, Brainstorm, Execution, Testing and Delivery. Thank you.
Yours, James.

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