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James Kanjelo from Malawi message


If you pick me as a winner, I will definitely find more customers in Malawi and encourage them to buy Japanese used cars from your organization. The good of it is that you have a very good wide variety of cars that someone can chose to suit the customer’s needs.
The Japanese used cars are easy to maintain are very durable and spare parts are very easy and cheap to find then. Most of the spare parts are more compatible to different type car make. The goodness sake of it is that Malawi is stocking a huge considerable number of cars from Japan other than from countries in the world.
The Japanese used cars from your company are well facilitated in terms shipment to Malawi via Dar Es Salaam. The good of it that total that is given on the price of the car includes the shipping fee which gives no hassles to the person who has ordered the car from you unlike the other organizations from Japan.

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