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Isaiah Njoni Okumu from Kenya message


I believe that Kenya is one of the largest countries that export cars from Japan and that me Think of this as a great opportunity for this company cars from Japan to at investing in overseas agents here back at home in Kenya so that we can market cars from the Japan which many Kenyans love for their efficient, reliability,affordable, fuel economical and good on our roads here in Kenya that is why we believe in cars from Japan that is why people will always run and buy cars in Japan because of this great deals. I personal love cars and I am currently researching on how to get these great quality cars from Japan and bring them into the Kenyan market cheaply than the way we are getting them at the moment. Many people are capable of buying this cars but the prices make it impossible for them to look at put money In this superb and comfy cars that are imported here.
Now this one reason i would be picked as a winner i like sunning cars for many reasons and i get together with my friends and colleagues over the weekends to drive to the country side showing them the beautiful Kenyan scenarios ranging from the national,the great rift valley,the wonderful fresh water lakes and the enormous river that some of them go all the way to pour their water into the Indian ocean and not forgetting the perfect white sandy beaches that one needs when they tired of work and and perfect holiday destination that many tourists come all around the world to have a look at and enjoy this magical country this should be a perfect reason why I SHOULD GET A CAR FROM JAPAN SO THAT ALL THESE AMAZING PEOPLE THAT I HAVE WORKED WITH OR I MOVE AROUND WITH CAN REALLY SEE WHAT THIS CARS ARE CAPABLE OF DOING.
I have also strong marketing skills and knowledge that can really help this company not only in selling the cars here in our country but also around the world since i do work with lots of expatriates and this makes me a perfect ambassador for the company. This can be done by also creating a serious clientele who are in Kenya and feel like they do wanna get cars from Japan I would act the position of an experienced car user of the company and make my high recommendations to Other people that is one thing that i will be proud and happy to do. Thanks very much having given us this opportunity to share our minds,thoughts and feelings about car from Japan
Yours Truly,
Isaiah N Okumu.

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