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Irene kiwelu from Zambia message

Irene kiwelu from Zambia message
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Dear car from Japan, it has been a privilege for me to have this time with you, thank yoi for the opportunity. This is. MY second time to enter car from japan campaign, the first one i was not picked as a winner but this time around my expectations Are high. I know you are fair and do things right. I am a mom of two with lot of rrsponsibilies and i think I am the right person to win this because i love the company and i can be a good representative of var Japan here in Zambia. I will put the sticker for car Japan in m. Car and let peiple know that car Japan is the best. I belive that car Japan has a lot to offer i like your professionalism and the transparence in the company I amm looking forward to see more of cat Japan in Zambia.i am a good ambasador for car Japan.

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