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Irene Kisembo from Uganda message

Irene Kisembo from Uganda message
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I should be picked for the love I’ve had for cars for a very long time. But also because, i got my first driving permit that lasted all its three years before i could buy a car last year. I renewed it last year August but still scared of it expiring again after three years without owning a car because i earn a hundred dollars per month and can only save five dollars each month to be able to get an affordable Japanese used car. Since they are affordable, they provide chance to everyone to own a car in life. I am hopeful and know my dream will come true one day, that’s why this would be a fine gold chance for me.
Cars from Japan are not only good at fuel consumption but also have stood the test of time. They are used and i call the first user a road test for the second user. This means they pass the level of acceptance and standard to be on road.
Lastly cars from japan surpass road use since they bare all kinds of roads but still remain classy and fit for every personality.

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