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Innocent Mwenda from Malawi message



Am equally Happy to participate in this competition, and Japanese Used Car officials am thankful for this opportunity.

Winning this competition will be a life changing event in my life, and am looking forward to build a strong customer base for your company in our country, Malawi.
Winning this competition will also propel me to strengthen my ties wit Car From Japan and probably become an Ambassador or Sales representative of your company here in Malawi.

Much as i will win, but the opportunities that comes with it, is much more. Like working for you, and Car From Japan being established here in Malawi. That will create jobs here and it will help many Malawians to buy Used Cars from Japan with much easy and at a better prices.

You will be a game changer in Malawi’s industry, and things will change fo the better.

If you will provide your services here, with your physical offices available within the country, it will double or triple your sales and there will be that sense of mutual customer friendship and trustworthy.

Many people nowadays here in Malawi, are interested in buying Used Cars From Japan and so far we don’t have a wide range of options apart from Beforward and a few. But if you can come in and out-smart these already existing Companies, you can emerge as the best. And your prices are already much better off and it will be great having you around.

In conclusions, i thank you for the opportunity and for coming up with this competition and looking forward for your consideration.

And may you also come up with scholarship programs, so that you might help students with their University Education and invite some for internship program in your company.

This can give you an upper hand and an advantage to be ahead of your competitors in our country.

And it will also be wise, much as you deal with cars, to also come up with some initiate to help in global warming Crisis. You will offer much help by bringing sustainable ways of Energy and advanced Technologically sound ways of Agriculture.

With many people seeing this, you will surely win many hearts and you will establish yourselves as the best who are also caring to the economy growth of the country.

We looking forward to welcome you in Malawi, and you can come and do great exploits and investment, the market is there.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,


Innocent Andrew Mwenda.

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