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Herbert Samuriwo from Zimbabwe message

Herbert Samuriwo from Zimbabwe message
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Actually i think i deserve this price, l use to purchase cars for some friends of mine.Every week i visit your site to purchase a car for someone.In other word your site has created a business PLATFORM for some of us.I’m paid $300 for purchasing a car.As for me Car From Japan world widely is one of the most visited sites.As for me this site is more Safe because once a person purchase a car of his dream he/she is gurantee to get his product, in other words you provide nice and good services to us as your customers.I haven’t come across an person who has used your site complaining of fraud or anything that shades your company name.I think Car From Japan should also create a system that tracks the most partcipants and gave them prices by the end of Year because honestly other people are purchasing cars through the efforts of other people whilst it is good because those people are paid at the end.As to the case of Zimbabwe Cars are know been taken as a way of prestiage in such a way everyone is working to buy his/her car.To my point of view some people are facing challenges in such a way he/she have the money to purchase a car but she/he doesn’t now where to start.Car From Japan should have Agents in All Cities And towns in each and every town in Zimbabwe so as to drive customer’s attention.Its not all people who are understanding the internet world some are lagged behind in such a way they needs face to face helps, ideas etc about the product.It will be another way of increasing the company profits because Here in Zimbawe people are lacking prior motivators to show them how to do it with Car From Japan.

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