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Hendrix Chiwaya from Malawi message

Hendrix Chiwaya from Malawi message
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The cars from Japan are so nice my friend is having a NISSAN TILDA from Japan and i wish if i can have mine. Beside these cars despite being second hand but the fact to me is that they are new. The spare parts are not scarce and if break down occurs you are to find them at the market who deals with Japan car spare parts. This is also the reason why I would like to be the winner. In addition if I will be the winner of this I will be able to tell and let know people the dealer of the car I have won and to act as part of advertisement of Japan car. Iam very excited to participate this competition thanks to all staff of car from Japan because you are providing good cars of different type and models and of good condition which works absolutely new. The outmost part is that you provide these cars exactly the same description the customer ordered from you and you always committed to your prescribed policies of dealing with customers. All the best and continue to provide good cars in good condition like you use to do and it’s a perfect will of each customer to be treated as such. . but also I am very interesting an admire with most stock of Cars From Japan because they look new and clean together with different kinds of facilities in it and well equipped in it. This is to differentiate with other providers who deal with the same business whereby they do provide something different from what you have ordered from them. A friend of mine ordered a NISSAN TILDA from one of the dealers fro Japan but unfortunately they dispatched a SUBARU, this implies that there is some sort of deficiencies in some companies considering the fact the this car business involves huge amounts which requires strict measures and consideration in each transaction which is being carried out. In some other used cars companies they don’t tell exactly what condition the car is in it, for instance my Pastor bought a TOYOTA starlet and upon reaching the port for her to take it home, it was found that the engine was knocked off and she has to bought another engine in order to fix the car back to its good condition. At a later she incurred more cost than expected. Honestly I have never heard a customer complaining with the car from Japan and Iam expecting more and better considerations with the customers. In some cases you find that some facilities or parts are not there of which you need to fix again and can see that they are not install with some equipment such as CD player and they leave them like that and you have to fix them on your own for the facility to be in place and at the end you incur extra costs. Also, I have seen the body is quality on all selected stock without any minor dots and scratches on it. Thank you very much for such a wonderful and great season you have made with different kinds of stocks. Japan car keep it up!!!!!!!

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