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Hannah Busobozi from Uganda message


For starters I have never won a giveaway before so wining something from this competition would be a Christmas miracle. Why should I be picked, 2months ago I sold my toyato corsa so that I would pay medical bills for my mother and to survive at home. Now that we are in a rainny season, it has been very challenging especially waking up to heavy rains thus making it impossible to go to work. Winning a car or any prize from you would be much appreciated.

I love cars from Japan, there spare parts are easily accessible here in my country , the cars are user friendly and all my life I have only driven a Toyota meaning that was probably the first thing I knew about Japan. Car from Japan is quite popular here in Uganda and when I received the newsletter in my mail I dared to apply.

Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of your competition. Looking forward to a positive outcome.

Merry Christmas car from Japan.

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