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Hamdan naima from Tanzania message


Honorable chief marketing officer, of the car from japan,am happy to join this competition concerned with car from japan because It seems to be a very fantastic one as it in a layer case to find an offer like u have done. And am likely to be the winner because owning the car from japan was my dream after completing my 1st degree which could help me in my way of fighting about life problems because i always believe that cars from japan are made with high quality . not only that but also car from japan was in my heart since when i was very young. This is because once when i saw the car any car passing i used to ask my grandparent where all the cars were from and the only answer they gave me was that “” car from japan”” therefore since i was growing my thought was at owning the car fom japan and not elsewhere. Also giving me a priority of the car from japan will not be an end but will be the starting point to me to spread good news and ideas on the cars from japan and the whole company at large.What I think on the cars from Japan is that the cars are very good with high quality compared to those from other countries. Also cars from Japan are strong even if they could be useful.insipite its colour being shining car from Japan are more quality for example the car ingine, and other materials are very useful and it take less oil

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