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Goran Keserovic from Germany message


Dear people,

everyone has a struggle of its own in life and I have my own too, but we should be grateful of what we have. I have a nice family that cares for me and good friends that I hang out. I have a girlfriend and we decided to live together to put our relationship to a next level, and also to reduce costs of living. Our flat is a bit far from the city, and we spend less time with our families because they live at the opposite part of the county. We are young students and we work on all kinds of jobs to be financially independent. That consumes a lot of time and we hardly see each other, let alone see our friends and family. A car would fix our problems, but salaries in our countries are not sufficient enough to get one. With this tempo, we could afford a nice car in maybe 10+ years, but the damage will be done, we would alienate from each other, from our families and friends, the things that we are thankful that we have now at this moment. You can see how I’m concerned to our future. In 5+ years my girlfriend and I would like to start a family of our own. Having a good car would reduce time traveling from work and increase time spending with the kids. I could also drive them to my family during the weekends. Public transport is what we have, but it’s much slower and not adjusted for babies and little kids. With no car, I won’t be able to drive my pregnant girlfriend (at that time, my wife) to the doctor, and for sure I don’t want some taxi driver stranger taking care of that. So to get a car, we can only work more jobs, being happy by less seeing each other, and have no life at all. “Car From Japan” has a great cause with this giveaway. It’s very generous and noble, and a Japanese used car could save people’s lives. There are a lot of problems in this world, and having more companies like “Car From Japan” would help making it a better place. Picking me and my girlfriends as winners, you would definitely make our world a better place, because we have the potential to make big things around us, and we have a wish to raise a family of our own, by keeping close relations with our relatives and friends.

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