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Gilbert Mucheri Kithaka from Kenya message

Gilbert Mucheri Kithaka from Kenya message
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Dear Car from Japan
I cannot explain the great fortunes that you have brought to Kenya. At first i thought it was a fake company since i did not know any of its offices in Kenya. It took me some time to establish that the company was genuine. Since then, i have been recommending many of my friends to use the company whenever they wanted to import a japan used car. I usually make a followup to ensure that these people have at least communicated with the company. I have always been having a dream of owning a Japan used car. The moment i decide to import my own car, Car From Japan will be my best option. I will also be your ambassador in Kenya by recommending you whenever i am consulted regarding car dealers. As i have always done, i will ensure that people in Kenya get information about your exemplary services. Given a chance, i would opt to work for this company. One of the main reasons is that am a fan of cars. It is usually said that the best activity to engage in is that which gives you satisfaction. I have been longing to develop a connection with a car company and become their representative in Kenya. I would love to be the person who connects people with their dreams.
In the Kenyan environment, owning a car is a dream to more than 70% of the population. I would like to congratulate Car From Japan for coming between people and their dreams. The company has been struggling to ensure that people achieve their dreams safely. Most Kenyans are risk averse. This is to say that giving their hard earned money to an unknown person is usually their greatest fear. With Car From Japan, Kenyans have seen that it is possible to deal with strangers without any risk. I have been following many of my friends who import cars and they have assured me that nowadays the situation s not as risky as it used to be in the past.
As far as i am concerned, owning a car has always been my desire. My dream car has been Toyota (Mark x to be specific). I believe that with Car From Japan, i will be able to achieve this dream. All my hard work an commitment is geared towards attainment of this dream. This is the reason why i believe am best suited to be the winner.

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