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Gideon Ouma Wandede from Kenya message

Gideon Ouma Wandede from Kenya message
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Ever since I got to visit the site of Car From Japan, it has always been breath-taking to go through the list of vehicle. I work in a clearing and forwarding company where sourcing for the right car gives an impetus and a bonding with the clients. With the right information, captivating pictures which are true reflections of the quality of Japanese Cars and engineering, affordable price lists and quick shipping upon orders placed this company has operated way above many more.
My winning will not be for myself, but for the rest of Kenya and Kenya being the true face of Africa…it will undoubtedly be a win for Africa. Indeed African continent have imported these vehicles from Japan which apart from withstanding the rugged landscapes have also provided modest transportation and a sense of comfort to the passengers and family members.
Imagine a young promising person driving an Axio, surely this is life-prolonging experience! Can only be provided by Car From Japan Company.
If chosen as a winner, I will brand my car, and make sure that the information about cars from Japan reach as many people as possible, market the company with all my available resources and ensure that the sales are up-scaled from the coming years.
Car from japan is like a “Software” which is installed in my mind…., a lifestyle that uniquely suits the world in a comfortable way. They are the best in the market, very affordable, durable and opulent for all classes of people. Indeed when I was young, the vehicles that I used to encounter were from Japan. As a youth, I enjoyed “Japan Special” a car taking routes from my home area of Oyugis to Nairobi on daily basis. Amazingly it is still as new as yesterday displaying a hallmark of durability.
Car from Japan and the staff who are daily doing what they do best to ensure the world is comfortable, this is a lovely pat on the back of each one of you. Whether I win or not, I believe I will remain your loyal and admirable customer and looks forward to a 2016 with more cars from Japan in our country Kenya and Africa.
Huuurray………and cheers and Merry Christmas to all staff and participants in this promotion. We are part of a big comfortable family. Big up!!!

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