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Gerald Kaiyuzi Rufulenge from Tanzania message

Gerald Kaiyuzi Rufulenge from Tanzania message
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Thank you for your invitation Dear Hana Yurimoto!
Car from Japan is a well organised company that brings the best cars to its customers! We surely enjoy your services! It is due to this reason I stand to compete in the prize and I will surely be the winner! I will also be glad to be your outstanding ambassador for Japanese used cars because I have observed and l’m comfortable with the durability of your products in the market.

Tanzania has been a faithful customer of your services, and I want to extend your brand to almost all Tanzanians that they can buy the best cars from Japanese used cars at the very fair prices.

As an agent I can help promote your business extension within all regions of Tanzania and help in the facilitation of an easy reach of people for your services. I will play my part as a Car from Japan ambassador in Tanzania, to help them increase their sales in terms of cars and spares.

We want all people with the desire to own cars; to choose Car from Japan and enjoy living their dreams!

Car from Japan is the best choice for everyone and for every kind of a car, because Cars from Japan are the stronget in market and are far beyond competition.

Welcome all people from all nations to press orders from Car from Japan.

I wish you all the best in your new choice of Car from Japan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016.

Thank you,
Yours, Gerald Rufulenge

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